Provisional to Full Registration Model

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The Teacher’s Registration Board has undertaken a review of the process for provisionally registered teachers to progress to full registration, with a view to creating a more accessible model while upholding the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers. Our Board has recently endorsed the refined process and we welcome your feedback as we implement the new model and materials over the coming months.

The Inquiry cycle approach that has been adopted was identified through consultation with stakeholders in Tasmanian education as well as taking into consideration the models in other jurisdictions across Australia. It is intended that the new process could be undertaken within one term (depending on individual readiness and context).

The Professional Standards Team are currently finalising materials to support the new approach and working with our school sectors to implement the Inquiry model.

We thank you for your patience during this period of transition.



The TRB is undergoing a transitional phase and the current Provisional to Full Registrational model is being updated. We strongly encourage Provisionally Registered Teachers (PRTs) to wait for the new process to be launched on our website. PRTs,  Mentors and Principals can gain access to the current model (the Main Pathway and the Experienced Pathway) documentation by contacting The Professional Standards Team.

The TRB will be launching the new model in July 2024. This will be communicated on the TRB website, and emails will be sent to Schools, and Principals regarding the new process.

The Provisional to Full Teacher Registration model is being updated to a more refined and streamlined process. The Experienced Pathway and the Main Pathway are being combined into one Teacher Registration process. The new model will include an Inquiry process which provides an opportunity for PRTs to focus on an aspect of their practice, document evidence of their teaching work and reflect on their learning as a practitioner. This evidence-based model will provide a means to demonstrate proficiency against the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers (APST). The new process requires the collection of ten pieces of evidence with minor annotations. The entire process could be completed in around one term depending on your context.

If you are half-way through the current process of Provisional to Full Registration, we recommend continuing with your application. However, if you are at the beginning stages of the Provisional to Full Registration process you may decide to defer your application until the new model is released.

The new Inquiry process is a more efficient way to demonstrate your proficiency, whether you are an early career or experienced teacher.

If you would like to complete the current Experienced or Main Pathway Registration process, you are able to do so. You will have a grace period until 31st December 2024 to complete the whole application process. From the 1st January 2025 we will no longer be accepting applications for the current Main and Experienced Pathways.

You can prepare for the new Provisional to Full Teacher Registration process by seeking endorsement from your Principal and discussing your readiness with a Mentor (a Fully Registered teacher) who will support you through the process. We also encourage you to undertake the AITSL Self-Assessment Tool on the website Teacher Self Assessment Tool (aitsl.edu.au) which will ensure your readiness against the APST at the Proficient career stage.

As the TRB are going through a transitional phase it is no longer a requirement to complete the in-person or online webinar sessions. Certificates of completion do not have to be evidenced in your Provisional to Full Registration application. Information sessions about the new Provisional to Full Registration model are currently being planned and further information will be shared on our website shortly.

For further information, or support please contact the TRB Professional Standards Team:

E: profstandards@trb.tas.gov.au

P: (03) 6165 5977