Maintaining Your Registration

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All registered teachers are responsible for maintaining their registration. A registration cycle is typically five years. All teachers are at different stages of their five-year registration cycle, so each person’s options to secure their registration for next year are different.

Many teachers need to pay to continue their registration into the following year. You can make a payment at any time in your TRB Online account before your current registration expires.

Teachers who are at the end of their five-year registration cycle must renew their registration or reapply, depending on the category/type of registration they hold.

Renewals and applications are available from 1 September each year in TRB Online.

For more information, please see our Renewal of Registration Policy.

Teaching service/employment as a teacher
You have met this requirement if you have taught for 120 full-time equivalent days during your last registration cycle (the last five years). You will need to provide this employment information in your TRB Online account for the Board to confirm that you have met this requirement.


Relevant professional development activities
You have met this requirement if you have engaged in relevant professional development during your last registration cycle (i.e., within the last five years). Currently, no minimum hours are required, just engagement in relevant professional development activities. Relevant activities contribute to your professional competence, directly or indirectly enhancing teaching and learning. You must list one or two key activities in TRB Online and be able to provide evidence of participation if your application is audited by the Board.

Please note
Changes to the requirement for registration to teach in the VET sector in Tasmania are in effect from 1 July 2022. 

To renew your registration, log in to TRB Online and submit an application for renewal. You must demonstrate your ongoing professional competence, continued good character, and fitness to teach. Renewals open on 1 September each year.

For more information, please see our fact sheet on renewing your registration.

Provisional registration cannot be renewed, as all teachers are expected to progress to full registration within their first registration cycle (within five years of becoming provisionally registered).

If you hold provisional registration when your registration cycle is set to expire and you wish to maintain your teacher registration, you must make a new application for registration. You must meet the criteria for provisional registration, including continued good character and fitness to teach. To apply, log in to TRB Online and complete the application process.

Renewals and reapplications incur an application fee of $56 and an annual registration fee of $105.

  • 1 year = $169.29 (application fee + annual registration fee)
  • 2 years = $279.47 (application fee + 2 x annual registration fee)
  • 3 years = $389.65 (application fee + 3 x annual registration fee)
  • 4 years = $499.83 (application fee + 4 x annual registration fee)
  • 5 years = $610.01 (application fee + 5 x annual registration fee)