Early Registration

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The Board provides a pathway for University of Tasmania student teachers to apply for teacher registration early if they are expecting to graduate in December. Students can apply to access this pathway when they have successfully completed all course requirements but are yet to graduate.

How do I apply for early registration?

All applicants must hold registration to work with vulnerable people (RWVP) before gaining Tasmanian teacher registration. Another state’s RWVP (or its equivalent) is not a replacement for a Tasmanian RWVP.

As a University of Tasmania student teacher, it is likely you already hold RWVP but you may not have provided those details in your TRB Online account.

You will already have a TRB Online record, so log in and request a password reset if required.

  1. Click on “Apply for New Registration”
  2. Select the following calendar year as the “start year” for your registration
  3. Complete each step of the online application, ensuring you provide:
    • contact details of at least one referee
    • your qualifications, including the degree you will graduate from in December
    • your RWVP details (working with children check) if not already listed in your TRB Online account
  4. Submit and pay for your application

Ensure you provide the required documentary evidence prior to graduation. If applicable, you must provide evidence for proof of identity and/or an international record of conviction check during your application.

Please see our fact sheet on certifying your evidence correctly.

Proof of Identity
If you have received a Student Good Character Determination (SGCD) from the Board (to undertake your professional experience) you have already provided proof of identity evidence. You only need to provide additional proof of identity evidence if you have changed your name since the time of your SGCD.

If you have changed your name since your SGCD, you must provide certified copies of documentary evidence of any and all those names. Suitable evidence includes:

  • a marriage certificate
  • a deed poll
  • a divorce certificate/order (decree absolute)
  • other name change documentation.

If you are or have been known by a name for which an official name change has not been made, you must provide a statutory declaration clearly stating the name by which you are or have been known.

Proof of qualifications
When you have completed all the course requirements (professional experience and final unit of study), please download an unofficial academic record (from the UTAS Student Centre) and email it to enquiries@trb.tas.gov.au.

In your email, please confirm that you have completed all the requirements of your degree. We understand that your unofficial academic record may not contain the results for all units studied as these results may be released at a later date.

If you are a Master of Teaching graduate who received their undergraduate degree from another university, you must also provide a certified copy of the full academic transcript(s) of your undergraduate degree indicating that the degree was conferred/awarded.

If you hold any relevant international qualifications, you must provide additional evidence to support your application. Please see our page on Assessment of International Qualifications.

International Record of Conviction Check
If you have lived outside of Australia as an adult for periods of more than one year, the Board requires an international Record of Convictions check (or its equivalent) from the country or countries in which you lived. Please email conduct@trb.tas.gov.au to discuss what documentation is required.

Applicants must provide the required evidence of graduation within their first year of teacher registrationYou must provide certified copies of all relevant documentary evidence of your teaching qualifications. Please see our fact sheet on certifying your evidence correctly.

For completed tertiary qualifications

  1. A certified copy of the certificate (testamur)
  2. A certified copy of the full academic transcript(s) indicating that the award/degree was conferred/awarded

You will receive your testamur at your graduation ceremony. The University of Tasmania has advised us that an academic transcript is normally mailed to students approximately four to eight weeks after graduation.

For applicants who completed their teaching degree as a postgraduate, please ensure you also provide evidence of your undergraduate degree.

For completed vocational qualifications

  1. A certified copy of the certificate (testamur)
  2. A certified copy of the accompanying statement of results

Australian eQuals
The Board also accepts Australian eQuals. We require:

  1. your conferred academic transcript
  2. the testamur
  3. your Australian Higher Education Graduate Statement.

Please email equals@trb.tas.gov.au with a direct link to your eQuals document(s), and the access PIN (if applicable). We cannot accept eQuals that have been downloaded as a PDF and sent as an attachment.


If you have successfully completed all course requirements and are expecting to graduate in August, please email enquiries@trb.tas.gov.au to discuss your options.

If you are studying teaching at another Australian university and have successfully completed all the course requirements, but your formal graduation is over three months away, please email enquiries@trb.tas.gov.au to discuss your options.

We recommend that you apply for registration at least 10 days prior to completing your final unit/professional experience, so we can begin processing your application before we receive your unofficial academic record.

Every application is processed as quickly as possible. Most processes are completed in under 10 days of receiving your completed application, however, some take between 10 -21 days. An application is regarded as complete when:

  • all required fields of the online application are completed
  • correct payment is received and reconciled
  • all required documentation is received and correctly certified.

We assess your complete application to determine if you:

  • will gain the required qualifications
  • hold current Registration to Work with Vulnerable People (working with children check)
  • are of good character and fit to be a teacher
  • are proficient in the English language.

You will also receive email updates on the progress of your application:

  • when your payment is received and reconciled
  • when your documentary evidence is received and processed
  • if you need to provide additional information to the Board.

If the Board approves your application for registration, you will be notified by email and your name will go on the Tasmanian Register of Teachers*. You can then log in to your TRB Online account to view/print your certificate* and read about your rights and responsibilities as a Tasmanian teacher.

If the Board does not approve your application for Tasmanian teacher registration you will be notified in writing.

*Registration status, registration category, TRB number, financial expiry date, and registration cycle expiry date.