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The Board conducts an assessment of all student teachers enrolled in accredited teaching degrees at the University of Tasmania, called a Student Good Character Determination (SGCD). This assessment is made according to provisions in the Teachers Registration Act 2000. Only students who are deemed to be of good character and fit to be a teacher under this process are approved for “pre-registration”.

Pre-registration is required for student teachers to undertake the professional experience component of their degree in Tasmanian schools, colleges, and TasTAFE. 

  1. Create an account with TRB Online
  2. Log in and apply for a ‘new Student Good Character Determination (SGCD)
  3. Pay the $29 application fee (non-refundable)
  4. Add your Registration to Work with Vulnerable People (RWVP) number (or your RWVP application number)
  5. Provide proof of identity*
  6. Wait to receive your approval email (processing can take approximately 10 business days to four weeks)

*Please see our fact sheets on proving your identity and certifying your evidence correctly.

Please note
If you have lived outside of Australia as an adult, within the last ten years, for cumulative periods of twelve months or more, an international police history check (or its equivalent) is required from the country or countries you lived in or are currently living in. For more information, please contact our Professional Conduct Team at conduct@trb.tas.gov.au.

The purpose of the SGCD process is to ensure that all University of Tasmania pre-service education students who intend to undertake professional experience in Tasmanian schools and education settings are of good character and fit to be teachers.

As the holder of an SGCD, you have a range of rights and responsibilities all of which are provided for under the Memorandum of Understanding between the University of Tasmania and the Teachers Registration Board of Tasmania.

As the holder of an SGCD, it is your right to:

  • seek to undertake the professional experience component of the initial teacher education course specified on your SGCD in any/all education settings within Tasmania appropriate to the scope of your course and any requirements of the University or the specific education settings
  • have your name placed on the list of current SGCD holders which is provided to the University Faculty of Education by the Board
  • declare that you hold an SGCD and download and display your SGCD certificate.

As the holder of an SGCD, it is your responsibility to:

  • ensure that you hold a current and valid SGCD before undertaking your professional experience in a Tasmanian school or educational setting
  • ensure that, at all times, you satisfy a standard of behaviour generally expected of a teacher and that you are fit to be a teacher
  • notify the Board immediately if you are charged with or convicted of an offence in Tasmania or anywhere else
  • notify the Board immediately of any change in your name, address and/or other personal details
  • notify the Board in writing if you withdraw from the initial teacher education course to which your SGCD applies.

Download your copy of the Rights and Responsibilities of Student Teachers.