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Australian Professional Standards for Teachers

The Australian Professional Standards for Teachers is a public statement of what constitutes teacher quality. The Standards define the work of teachers and make explicit the elements of high-quality, effective teaching in 21st-century schools. The Standards provide a framework that makes clear the knowledge, practice and professional engagement required across teachers' careers.

The Australian Professional Standards for Teachers is organised into four career stages and guide the preparation, support and development of teachers. The stages reflect the continuum of a teacher's developing professional expertise from undergraduate preparation through to being an exemplary classroom practitioner and a leader in the profession.

  • The Graduate Standards underpin the accreditation of initial teacher education programs. Graduates from accredited programs meet the qualification requirements for teacher registration in Tasmania.

  • The Proficient Standards are used to underpin processes for full registration as a teacher in Tasmania. Teachers will full registration are regarded as meeting the Proficient Standards.

For further information on how the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers inform teacher registration processes in Tasmania see the Full and Provisional Registration Policy in Board Policies.