Watched registrations

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Watched registrations is a tool created to assist teacher employers to comply with the Teachers Registration Act 2000 by ensuring all the teachers they employ are registered. This tool provides the teacher employer with direct access to the Tasmanian Register of Teachers, which they can filter to their teacher staffing list. The watched registrations list also contains details of each teacher’s Registration to Work with Vulnerable People (RWVP).

Please note it is the school/education manager’s responsibility to initially create and then manage their list of registered teachers by adding and removing teachers as required.

Some teachers have conditions placed on their registration for a variety of reasons. There are a very small number of Tasmanian teachers who have conditions placed on their registration that impact their employment as a teacher. If any teachers appear on your Watched Registration list with the two red stars in the column(**) it is advised the principal/education manager contact our professional conduct team at conduct@trb.tas.gov.au to discuss the matter further.

The Board would also appreciate the employer/principal letting the professional conduct team know if any teacher with these conditions leaves your school/education team to teach elsewhere in Tasmania.