TRB Talk – Term 3, 2023

02/08/2023 TRB Staff

New Board Members July 2023.
On July 1 we welcomed our new skills-based Board under the new Education Regulation Act 2022. Board Chair – Mike Blake, Board members – Malcolm Wells, Amber Cohen, Kristy Pereira, Kirsten Adams, Kate Dobson, and Beth Gilligan. In our next addition of TRB Talk we will provide more information about each of our Board members.


Limited Authority to Teach (LAT) – Employer evidence requirement waived
The requirement to provide recruitment evidence and Learning Services Support for LAT applications has been waived by the Board until 31 December 2023. The Board recognises the current employment environment and that the teacher shortage is ongoing.


0.8 maximum load for ITE students
The total maximum hours / teaching load that can be worked by an approved LAT holder who is an Initial Teacher Education Student is 0.8 FTE per week.
From 29 October 2023 until 21 December 2023 the Board will consider LAT extensions for individual ITE students at a teaching load of 1.0 FTE, an increase from the current 0.80 FTE. The request for a LAT Extension will need to be submitted by the school(s) with whom an individual has a current LAT.


Professional Experience – Students on LATs -2023
We understand that 2023 has provided significant challenges for finding placements for our pre- service teachers and for schools to staff their classes. For students employed on a LAT that are remaining on the same site for their professional experience, schools should undertake practical strategies that enable preservice teachers to experience professional growth in a range of situations. This should provide for the development of a breadth and depth of skills and be as diverse as practicable, within the setting. Students can remain on their LAT and be paid during the time of this practical experience. To avoid a conflict of interest for pre-service teachers currently employed on a LAT, during their practicum, they would need to be supervised by a different teacher to their current supervising teacher.


Do you need relief teachers?
We have no provision under our Act to share the contact information of Generic Relief LAT Holders. However, we can send an email asking Generic Relief LAT holders to contact your school if they are interested in/ available to do relief teaching.
If you would like us to email all Generic Relief LAT holders in your region (North or South) please email and include the contact details of the individual in charge of relief at your school.


Annual Registration Process
The Annual Registration Process commences on 01 September 2023. From this date you will be able to re-apply for provisional registration and renew your Full or Specialist VET Registration in your TRB online account if your cycle of registration ends this year.


Progressing to Full Registration?
Please use the updated form now available.
We have updated the application forms for all pathways to full registration. These application forms are dated February 2023. If you have had a workplace panel assess your portfolio of evidence, you can proactively obtain the new declarations (pages 3 – 5 of the Feb 2023 application form- main pathway) from the website. If the declarations provided are not current, we will need to ask you to resubmit them.
The Board will continue to accept Sections 2 and 3 completed on an older application form however we need Section 1 to be completed using the updated form. Please call us if you need help or more clarity on this.


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