Inaugural Teacher Survey launched

29/09/2022 TRB Staff

The Board launched a large-scale survey to gather feedback from registered teachers and LAT holders, to gauge perceptions and experiences of the work of the TRB, and help us understand how we can improve.

The Board engaged independent specialist consultants to conduct the survey on its behalf. As a key action of the Board’s Strategic Plan, this collaboration enabled us to ensure best-practice design and delivery of this initiative and gather effective baseline data on stakeholder engagement for comparison in future years, and ensured that participants could provide candid feedback while remaining anonymous as the data collection and analysis was conducted externally. The Project Lab is a Tasmanian company highly regarded for its work with local businesses and government services in education and a range of sectors.

As thanks for the participant’s time and effort, at the end of the survey, participants could choose to enter the draw to win one of 15 $100 gift vouchers. The Teachers Registration Board wishes to thank Tasmanian company West Coast Productions for their generous donation of these vouchers, made in relation to on-site filming.

The Teacher Survey received an excellent response rate. Thank you to all the teachers and LAT holders who shared their experiences. We look forward to receiving the feedback report and working to respond.

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