2022 school year ends

20/12/2022 TRB Staff

As the 2022 school year draws to a close, we congratulate all Tasmanian students on their progress and achievements and acknowledge the profound impact of Tasmanian teachers and schools on their students.

We commend year 12 students from around Tasmania for the outstanding Tertiary Entrance Scores they have achieved and the educators who have supported them. More than 11,000 senior secondary students received end-of-year results this week and will continue to benefit from your teaching and guidance as they take their next steps in education or their careers.

We honour the many different experiences being lived at this time of year. We wish to respectfully acknowledge the Hillcrest Primary School community as they meet the first anniversary of a day that changed them forever. We hold you in our hearts and minds.

The mission of the Teachers Registration Board is to ensure that the welfare and best interests of students are paramount in our work. In this spirit, we hope that all Tasmanian students, their teachers, and their communities receive the rest, care, and connection they need throughout this holiday period.


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