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World Teachers' Day

Australia will celebrate and thank the teaching profession on World Teachers' Day - Friday 30 October.

 You have ensured education continues across the country this year, despite major challenges. It's reinforced the significant role you play in the lives of children and students, their families and communities.

On Friday 30 October, celebrate being part of a remarkable profession and its bright future by posting a photo in your sunglasses on social media, either on your own or with your colleagues. Use these tags on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn: #teachersday #brightfuture @aitsl 

Explore photos from 2019 for inspiration 
World Teachers' Day is held internationally in early October. As it falls during the school holidays for many parts of Australia, we celebrate a little later. Make sure you have Friday 30 October in your diary to celebrate!

​Australia values teachers more than they know

The launch of a new report that highlights the important link between teachers feeling valued and positive outcomes for students.

The Spotlight report, Teaching: A valued profession, reveals that although the community supports teachers, they are much more circumspect about feeling valued. Ensuring teachers feel valued in society and are satisfied with their jobs is integral to teachers having positive attitudes about their work and ability to influence student achievement. They are more likely to engage in continuous professional development, improve confidence and satisfaction, and remain in the profession.

"As we approach World Teachers' Day in 2020 this report is an important reminder of the incredible value that the community sees in our teachers. In a year unlike any other let's join together to celebrate our amazing teachers," AITSL CEO Mark Grant said.

"World Teachers' Day on 30 October is the perfect opportunity to show our teachers how much we value them, we support them, and we acknowledge the brilliant work they do every day to advance the learning lives of students across Australia," Mark Grant said.

To read the Spotlight report visit: