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 Tools to assist Provisionally Registered Teachers to change registration category

Please note that a number of the tools and templates are provided in alternative formats.

Information booklets, fliers and the like (that do not require filling in or editing for individual purposes) are provided as PDF files. The Handbooks include hotlinks at the end that only work when viewed online.

Where Word versions are provided, it is anticipated that users will download these and enter the information electronically, save, print and then sign (then scan a copy to keep as a copy). These versions are fully editable but it is important that required sections are not 'lost' in the process hence PDF versions are generally also supplied for users to refer back to as they edit the Word versions.

Some forms are also provided as fillable PDF files. These should be saved to your device with a file name that includes the applicant's name and/or TRB number so that they become individualised and won't get confused with others.

Australian Professional Standards for TeachersAustralian Professional Standards for Teachers.pdf
Documentary Evidence Proficient TeachersDocumentary Evidence Proficient Teachers.pdf
Evidence Annotation ScaffoldEvidence Annotation Scaffold.pdf
Evidence Annotation ScaffoldEvidence Annotation Scaffold.docx
Application Form Progressing to Full RegistrationApplication Form Progressing to Full Registration.pdf
Prepare Folio for Assessment Applicant ChecklistPrepare Folio for Assessment Applicant Checklist.pdf
Quick Checklist Progressing from Provisional to Full RegistrationQuick Checklist Progressing from Provisional to Full Registration.pdf