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Guides for schools/ workplaces using TRB Online

Watched Registrations

  How to use the Watched Registration list to monitor teachers' registration status at your school

Associated LATS (Limited Authorities to Teach)

  Create an account with the TRB- Using Sign Up in TRB Online

  Information for Schools/ Employers - How to create a Limited Authority to Teach (LAT) application

  How an Individual responds to a LAT offer in TRB Online

  How to apply for an extension to an Approved LAT 

  Certifying documents to meet Board requirements


Information for potential LAT holders on Applying for a Limited Authority to Teach.

To read information about Limited Authorities to Teach - click here 

Register of Tasmanian Teachers

To search our latest public register of Tasmanian teachers click here 


Please note: you cannot use the password reset function for school TRB Online accounts.

If you need to login details for your school/ workplace please email .