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Discipline and Inquiries

The Teachers Registration Board of Tasmania is responsible for:

  • Investigating complaints made under the Teachers Registration Act 2000 

  • Conducting investigations, inquiries and hearings for the purposes of the Act

  • Taking disciplinary action under the Act in relation to persons who are or were registered teachers or holders of limited authorities

  • Developing and improving teaching standards

  • Maintaining a code of professional ethics for the teaching profession

  • Investigating and recommending the prosecution of offences against the Act.

The processes and procedures for dealing with complaints, disciplinary matters, inquiries and hearings are established by the Teachers Registration Act 2000.  When performing its functions and exercising its powers, the Board must consider the welfare and best interests of students to be of paramount importance.


Teacher Registration - Standards and Expectations for the Profession


Lodging a complaint:


Notifications from Employers

Please contact the Professional Conduct Team at the TRB directly if you have any questions or queries at .