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Limited Authority to Teach

The Teachers Registration Act 2000 provides that only persons who are registered, provisionally registered or who have a limited authority to teach may be employed or engaged to teach in Tasmanian government and non-government schools. 

What is a Limited Authority to Teach?

A Limited Authority to Teach (LAT) enables schools / employers to employ someone for a specific timeframe and/or role ONLY when a suitable registered teacher can not be found.

Who approves a LAT?

The Board may grant a LAT if the Board is satisfied that the nominated person:

  • Has the appropriate skills / experience that an available teacher does not have
  • Is ineligible for teacher registration, and
  • Is of good character.

Who can apply for a LAT?

LAT applications are initiated by the employer who ensures the Board is given the required evidence of recruitment and need.

How do employers apply for a LAT?

Only schools / employers can apply for a Limited Authority to Teach (LAT). They can only do this when they can not find a suitable registered teacher to meet their needs.  While the LAT is applied for by the school / employer, it is assigned to the LAT holder.

Schools/employers will offer an individual employment under a LAT, if the individual does not have a record with TRB then they must establish an account  in TRB Online. School/employers will then login to TRB Online and create the LAT application and offer it to this individual by linking it to the individuals record. Schools/ employers must have the individual's birth date to find them on the system.

The individual then must go back into their TRB Online account and formally accept the LAT offer, they then complete the process by making a payment and submitting their application.

Have you lived overseas or outside of Australia (as an adult) for periods of more than one year ?

How much does a LAT cost?

See our Fees and Payments page (All LATS expire at the end of school year).

How many LATS can I hold?

While the LAT is applied for by the school, it is assigned to the LAT holder. A person may have many LATS with various schools but only has to pay once for the year.

How long will a LAT application take to approve?

A LAT application can take up to four weeks to process and complete.