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Functions of the Board

The functions of the Board are as follows:                                                                                                

(a) to register persons under this Act;

(b) to grant limited authorities to persons under this Act;

(c) to promote the teaching profession;

(d) to investigate complaints made under this Act;

(e) to conduct investigations, inquiries and hearings for the purposes of this Act including, without limitation –

(i) investigations into complaints; and

(ii) investigations to determine whether persons have contravened this Act;

(f) if appropriate, to take disciplinary action under this Act in relation to persons who are or were registered teachers or holders of limited authorities;

(g) to approve teacher education courses the successful completion of which satisfies a criterion for registration;

(h) to develop and improve teaching standards;

(i) to maintain a code of professional ethics for the teaching profession;

(j) to undertake relevant reviews and research projects, and to make recommendations to the Minister in relation to the funding of those reviews and projects and the appointment of persons necessary to enable the successful undertaking of those reviews and projects, as appropriate;

(k) to confer and collaborate with corresponding registration authorities for the purposes of –

(i) ensuring effective exchange of information within Australia and New Zealand; and

(ii) promoting consistency in the regulation of the teaching profession within Australia and New Zealand;

(l) to investigate and recommend the prosecution of offences against this Act;

(m) any other functions imposed by the Teachers Registration Act 2000 or any other Act.