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Requests for confirmation of teaching qualifications and registration status (Professional Standing).

Tasmanian trained teachers wanting to teach in other countries may be asked to provide confirmation of their teaching qualifications and registration status in Tasmania.  The Teachers Registration Board of Tasmania will provide written confirmation of current (and previous registration status).

Please note: A fee applies to this service.



How can I request this written confirmation?

      Email with your full name, date of birth and TRB number (if known).  
Please provide details of the Agency and country requiring the written confirmation.  

When you request a Letter of Professional Standing the Board will invoice you for the prescribed fee. You will be advised via email when an invoice is created in your TRB Online account. A Letter of Professional Standing will be provided on the reconcilation of your payment

We will send the written confirmation to the postal address listed on your record, or the regulatory/ employing body as requested. we will also provide you with an electronic version of the letter.  Please check and/or update your postal address in your TRB Online account, prior to making this request.

 See: Updating your details


How will I know if I am currently registered to teach in Tasmania?

All registered Tasmanian teachers appear on our public register of teachers: Search the latest Register of Teachers.