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 Progressing from Provisional to Full Registration

The majority of teachers are first registered with Provisional Registration. It is a condition of your Provisional Registration that you will progress to Full Registration as soon as possible.

Gaining Full Registration is a significant milestone in a teacher's career and formally recognises their professional growth and achievement of the Proficient career stage of the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers (APST).

Provisionally Registered teachers have up to five years to complete the change of registration category process but are expected to apply for Full Registration once they have:

  • Completed one year of full-time (or part-time equivalent of 185 days) satisfactory teaching service in Australia or New Zealand, within the last five years, after gaining Provisional Registration;


  • Presented evidence to a Workplace Assessment Panel demonstrating how they have met each of the 7 APST at the Proficient career stage. This must include observations of the applicant's teaching and a professional learning journal.

Provisionally Registered Teachers (PRTs) intending to undertake the process to change their registration category need to:

  • Speak to their Principal (Schools/Colleges) or Senior Manager/Supervisor (TasTAFE) - who must hold Full Registration - to determine if their workplace can commit to supporting them;


  • Complete the TRB Expression of Interest Form, then submit it to the TRB by the advertised deadline: 5 April 2019.

Details of the Change of Registration Category Process and how to evidence proficiency are to be found in the Applicant and Panel Handbooks, in fliers and checklists, in the Application Form, and in the other resources provided on this website.

This is a highly valuable process designed to enhance the learning, engagement with learning and wellbeing of students in Tasmanian Schools, Colleges and TasTAFE by encouraging teachers to be reflective and collegial professionals.

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 Principals, Mentors and Panellists

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