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Changing your registration category

Who is this information for?

This information is for teachers who hold provisional registration and seek full registration. (This information does not apply to teachers with Specialist VET Registration .)

What does provisional and full registration mean?

Provisional registration is an initial category of registration, reflecting the Graduate stage of the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers (the Standards).

Full registration recognises teacher experience and proficiency and that the teacher demonstrates the Proficient stage of the Standards.

The categories of provisional and full registration are required under the Teachers Registration Act 2000 and through national agreements with other state and territory Teacher Regulatory Authorities and AITSL.

The Board expects eligible teachers to seek full registration as a formal acknowledgement of skill and experience, but does not require teachers to seek this.


Why should a teacher seek full registration?

Full registration recognises a teacher’s consolidated skill and experience.


Who can apply?

Tasmanian based teachers with provisional registration, employed in a range of educational settings, with a range of roles and workloads. Please contact the TRB to discuss individual circumstances, especially if your workplace is not a typical school setting.


How to apply for full registration

Select the Applicant Information Pack. This describes in detail what you need to do to demonstrate that your teaching practice is proficient. It includes detailed information about:

  • the role for your principal/school/workplace,

  • what an applicant needs to do and;

  • the application form you need to submit to the TRB when you have completed the school based assessment.

Read our Frequently Asked Questions.

The Professional Learning Institute is hosting TRB videos about the change of registration process. Click here to view the videos.