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​Certification of Highly Accomplished and Lead Teachers 

Tasmanian Pilot

The highly anticipated Certification of Highly Accomplished and Lead Teachers commenced in April 2021. There are 30 Assessors and 30 Participants enrolled in the Pilot. In its inaugural year, participation in the Pilot is free for successful applicants. 

What is Certification?

Certification of Highly Accomplished and Lead Teachers is a nationally endorsed process operating across Australia through the leadership of the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership.

The Certification process is designed to support career progression of teachers in a way that allows them to excel in the classroom and continue to positively influence student learning outcomes.

Certification uses the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers as the basis for making rigorous and consistent judgements regarding a teacher's practice at the higher career stages regardless of jurisdiction or sector.


The purpose of Certification is to:

»  recognise and promote quality teaching

»  provide an opportunity for teachers to reflect on their practice

»  provide a reliable indication of quality teaching

Helpful resources
FAQs for Assessors, Applicants, and Principals

A Principal's Guide to National Certification

Tasmanian Edition of the AITSL Guide to Certification.pdf

Tasmanian Supplement.pdf

Teacher Self-Assessment Tool

Interested in becoming a Trained Assessor or Participant in the next intake?

Keep an eye out for an announcement on the next intake of Assessors and Participants.

The Pilot
In its inaugural year, Certification in Tasmania is being delivered as a fee-free Pilot. This means that whether you're a teacher undergoing certification, an educational leader training to be an assessor, or an employer supporting its implementation in your schools, you are helping to shape the design and structure of the process. Because it is being developed for the first time in Tasmania, in collaboration with all sectors and the University of Tasmania, not all materials and details are available from the outset. Your feedback will be sought frequently as the Pilot continues. Please don't hesitate to email us with any questions.