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Alternative Pathway for Experienced Teachers
After months of planning, collaboration and feedback with Teachers, Senior Staff and Principals from all Education Sectors, the consultation on a differentiated pathway for Provisionally Registered Experienced Teachers to Progress to Full Registration was completed last term.

The information on this Pathway was sent to Principals via the Sector Heads in May 2021.

The "Experienced Teacher Pathway has been released and is ready for use!

The consultation was very clear on the need for both the criteria and the matrix to be transparent to all involved. The criteria are based on elements mandated in the Teachers Registration Act 2000 and in the Framework for Teacher Registration in Australia as well as on negotiated elements.

Principals in every school can work with suitable experienced teachers in progressing to full registration via this pathway (where they deem relevant, based on the criteria). 

 Below are guiding points to assist Principals/Mangers in operationalising this new pathway


The Provisionally Registered Teacher:

  • Is of good character; (a character check will be undertaken by the TRB upon application unless it has already been undertaken in the previous 4 months); and the Applicant is fit to be a teacher; and the Applicant is registered under the Registration to Work with Vulnerable People Act 2013; and the Applicant, in the opinion of the Board, is sufficiently proficient in the English language;

  • Has been assessed by the Principal (or appropriate Delegate) as satisfying the following (these matters are indicative of "Experienced Teacher" status):

  • The Applicant is a Provisionally registered teacher who holds a permanent position; and

  • There is suitable evidence of the Applicant's teaching service (at least 8 years and generally, more than two cycles of satisfactory teaching service working in a Tasmanian School, College or TasTAFE in an Australian or New Zealand jurisdiction); and

  • The Applicant is not under a performance management plan; and

  •  A current or immediate past fully registered Tas TAFE Manager or Principal/ Delegate (Manager/ Principal) who has at least 3 years knowledge of the Applicant's work in the last 5 years is prepared to provide a brief recommendation for the Applicant to access this pathway.

If the Manager/Principal is satisfied the potential Applicant meets all the above criteria, they complete the Principal /Delegate recommendation (PART 1: Recommendation for access to this pathway - see Experienced Provisionally Registered Teacher (PRT), Differentiated pathway to Full Registration, Principal/ Delegate Recommendation and Personalised Matrix Form). They then work with the Teacher to create a personalised matrix that will form the basis for the Applicant's evidence requirements to progress to Full Registration.

The Planning Matrix is found on the Experienced Provisionally Registered Teacher (PRT), Differentiated pathway to Full Registration, Principal/ Delegate Recommendation and Personalised Matrix Form – See PART 2: Planning Matrix for Personalised Evidence Process.

The use of the planning matrix for this differentiated and personalised approach is intended to lead to the application process adding value for both the Applicant and the School.

The flowchart for the Experienced Teacher Pathway provides not only a checklist to follow but also a quick overview of the two parts to the process.

Principals have been provided with the following samples (not for use): Exp Teacher pathway Application form; Experienced Teacher Classroom Observation TRB Template; Professional Learning Journal TRB Template. These are made available as editable templates once the TRB receives the Principal recommendation and personalised planning matrix.

The Criteria, Matrix, Flowchart and FAQ's are available in the resources section. The Templates and Application Form are only available to Schools and Applicants following acceptance of the completed Principal Recommendation and Matrix by the TRB.