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About Teacher Registration

Any person wanting to teach in a Tasmanian school, college or the TasTAFE must have registration or a limited authority to teach (LAT).   It is an offence under the Teachers Registration Act 2000 to teach in a Tasmanian school, college or TasTAFE without registration or a Board authority.  

Registered teachers.......

  • have appropriate teaching qualifications

  • can communicate in the English language at a professional level 

  • are of good character and fit to teach

  • observe a code of professional ethics

  • continue to participate in professional learning to build knowledge, skill and competence.

Teacher registration promotes community confidence in the work of Tasmanian teachers and validates registered teachers as highly skilled professionals.  

There are two main registration types for Tasmanian teachers:

  • Teacher Registration

  • Specialist Vocational Education and Training Registration

The qualification requirements for the two registration types are:

  • Specialist Vocational Education and Training Registration:

    • Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (TAE40110) from the TAE10 Training and Education Training Package or its equivalent (as a minimum) plus Certificate III level industry qualifications (as a minimum).


Registration allows the registrant to be legally employed to teach in any Tasmanian school, college, or TasTAFE .

An applicant does not apply for a certain type of registration. All applicants are required to complete the same application process. The Board will determine which registration type and category will be granted to eligible applicants after assessing each application under the provisions of the Teachers Registration Act 2000 and in keeping with Board Policy.

Applicants are strongly encouraged to read the relevant Board Policies before completing and lodging their application.